In Focus: Jeffrey B. Totzek

“The Past Isn’t Prologue. It’s Training”

Profile Pic 4Some people recall their career progression as a series of unrehearsed steps or unlikely opportunities. Not so for Jeffrey Totzek, who can draw a straight line through his professional trajectory. In prior years, he was a Community Association Manager, coordinating budgets and repairs while being responsible for upwards of 800 condominium doors. Now at Lamb Hanson Lamb, Jeffrey focuses on reserve studies; methodically-prepared reports conducted on behalf of condominiums for the effective management of funds- the spine of any Community Association. Jeffrey says this past experience gives him “a unique perspective” on how to collaborate and articulate findings for reserve study clients.

In addition, Jeffrey is developing his experience as a Washington Certified Appraisal Trainee and focuses on industrial property, vacant land, and large retail (think big box store) valuation. His clients have included banks and financial institutions, as well as private parties. Jeffrey enjoys the variety inherent in commercial and industrial real estate appraisal, and the ways diverse subjects allow for inspired thinking. “It’s a different problem every assignment, which is cool,” he says. Jeffrey also values the knowledge gained by his ongoing appraisal coursework and the way continuing education enhances the valuation process.

If you ask him, Jeffrey will tell you Lamb Hanson Lamb makes for the perfect work environment. “I love that the office is open concept,” where the sharing of experience, knowledge, and problem solving skills almost suggests a think tank atmosphere which in turn benefits the end result. While he is grateful for the expertise gained as a Community Association Manager, Jeffrey prefers the finite nature of the appraisal lifecycle. He is gratified working towards a deliverable and due date for clients including Community Association Managers who rely on reserve studies to assist them in managing numerous variables.