In Focus: The Appraisal Institute And Civic Engagement

The Appraisal Institute is an international association of real estate appraisers boasts a membership of nearly 20,000 professionals across 60 countries. Beyond serving as a global resource for the profession of real estate appraisal, the Appraisal Institute prides itself on its civic engagement.

One such facet is the Leadership Development & Advisory Council (see footnote 1), a national effort to foster creative thinking, leadership, and an Appraisal Institute presence in Congress. From equipping members on the political process and inner-workings of its relationship with lobbyists and lawmakers, to promoting reliable methodology on green and sustainable real estate in observance of Earth Day (see footnote 2), the Appraisal Institute ultimately seeks to cultivate a responsible, informed, and engaged membership.

Lamb Hanson Lamb President/CEO Patrick Lamb is a longtime Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute, and an MAI. Lamb Hanson Lamb upholds the highest ethical standards and rules established by USPAP and the Appraisal Institute, while joining the Appraisal Institute’s
commitment to civic participation and advocacy. Read more about Patrick Lamb’s local and national engagements in the public interest here.

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