In Focus: Kevin J. Nowadnick, MAI

“Data Speaks, He Listens”

Kevin Nowadnick AppraisalKevin Nowadnick has a thing for bulk information. “I actually prefer data-intensive appraisal work. I enjoy getting into the numbers,” he says. As a Washington State Certified General Appraiser, Kevin shows a palpable enthusiasm when describing data and all of the necessary intervals including gathering, comprehending, categorizing, and distilling the information.

Large data sets can often be synonymous with complex commercial property valuation; a staple of Kevin’s work. Some of the more daunting multi-unit property assignments have included a 1,000 unit self storage business in Eastern Washington, and a proposed hotel renovation applying for condominium conversion and historic preservation. Times like this require an appraiser with Kevin’s meticulous acumen, whether it’s developing formulas for rent, parking, and per-tenant rates or running other advanced calculations. Kevin has continued to develop this skill set on large scale properties where clients expect comprehensive data set analysis to be performed like second nature. One such example is Going Concern properties- like a hotel- where the business and real estate are appraised together with the assumption that the business will continue into the future. In performing Going Concern appraisals, Kevin must also consider the business’ reputation and brand while forecasting their value. To call this kind of work complex would be an understatement, but it all makes Kevin smile.

He received a Bachelors of Arts from Eastern Washington University in 2009 and worked as a Data Management Specialist and Assistant Planner before joining the Lamb Hanson Lamb team in 2012. Once on board, Kevin gravitated towards services dovetailing with his interests. He has since earned a Certified General Appraisal License and became a Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI) within six years, revealing Kevin’s focus on personal development and determination to cultivate a “competitive advantage” in Washington State. Whether he’s appraising hotels, senior housing, gas stations, self-storage businesses, or other commercial properties, Kevin loves to provide his clients with a trustworthy, intuitive deliverable and one which assists them in taking action. If the process happens to involve analyzing large amounts of data, Kevin is even happier.