In Focus: Brendan Hopps

“Enthusiasm Meets Talent”

Before joining Lamb Hanson Lamb this year, Brendan got his professional start at a small local hedge fund where he worked as a trader for four years. While he found the stock market “interesting,” Brendan went searching for something more fulfilling, eventually arriving at a company which partnered with nonprofits to locate new markets for farmers. In this transitional job, Brendan says he learned the rhythm of a startup culture by balancing a myriad of tasks.

Nowadays, Brendan is beginning towards his Washington State Certified General Appraiser license through coursework and appraisal training, and will soon be a Washington State Registered Appraisal Trainee. He is gravitating towards the work and enjoys “being able to value an asset” which is tangible, as compared to the speculation of former jobs. Brendan defines the challenge and prize of each appraisal as “getting to that conclusion and putting a number on something complex.” This new world of appraisal valuation also gives Brendan a whole new perspective on the buildings populating the city he grew up in. When he’s not working, the Seattle native enjoys the outdoors- from golf and visiting the San Juan Islands to camping in the Cascades.

Brendan sees a correlation between analyzing markets as a former trader and the quantifiable nature of advanced commercial appraisal. He is energized by the intellectual capital and culture at Lamb Hanson Lamb which are a natural fit with his noteworthy allotment of motivation and brainpower.